Weirdness Archive

1 Jul 2014

Creepy Confections

This lady is so awesome with her creepy confections.
21 Jun 2014

Eating Healthy

I’ve been stressed out and having issues losing weight. No matter how often i drink diet drinks or put on my fat blasting ab belt, the only 6-pack I possess is in beer form. My friends have
20 Jun 2014

A nightmare

So I had this nightmare…I was driving home from work and had just gotten onto I-85 from Spring Street. I noticed a tiny-tiny-tiny spider on my left arm. I looked at it casually and flicked it away,
20 Jun 2014

Schrödinger’s Cat Fights back

In this amusing video we have the cat’s side of the story and find out that Schrodinger forgot about a cat having 9 lovely lives.
20 Jun 2014

Sherlock Khan vs The Borg

Perhaps this will only exist in the world of Fan-Fiction, but we were on and off bingeing on the BBC Sherlock before finally getting our Netflix to watch “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. The thought occurred to me,
17 Jun 2014

Fleshy Robot

16 Jun 2014

Orange you glad…

Orange themed video about peeling oranges.. I know really exciting, but it’s better than a poke in the eye. Yokohama // Orange from Giant Ant on Vimeo. Peeling Orange
15 Jun 2014

7 of the Creepiest Happy Meal Box Photos

I’m not sure who approved these (on either McDonald’s corporate side or the Ad Agency) – but either they are the real life personification of Hannibal Lecter or they smoke some really good shit.