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9 Aug 2014

Cutest Damn Food – EVER!

  After perusing the internet for cool things to look at.  I was pointed to this YouTube channel by my daughter called Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!!.  On the channel were video tutorials or how-tos on how to make some of
22 Jun 2014

Anglo Accents – U.K. style

If you’ve seen the Ascot Races Hat derby – you might want to check this out and put on a English, Welsh, Irish or my favorite Scottish accent.  With that and some English Breakfast Tea (Twinings please
22 Jun 2014

True Blood Season 7 starts today

True Blood seventh and final season starts tonight.  With the less than favorable fan reaction to last season, one would hope that the 7th is a redeemer. The season starts where last we were left with Sam
22 Jun 2014

Crazy hats at the Ascot races in the U.K.

This article on Fashionista by Tyler McCall, highlights some of the weird and wonderful hats worn by ladies at the Ascot Races.  This is a long tradition and one has to wonder if this is really the
20 Jun 2014

Walk this Way

The music sorta reminds me of a few new wave bands from the 80′s and 90′s.  The girls in the video are a little odd, but who wasn’t when they were a teen?
20 Jun 2014

Is that SLR?

20 Jun 2014

Schrödinger’s Cat Fights back

In this amusing video we have the cat’s side of the story and find out that Schrodinger forgot about a cat having 9 lovely lives.
17 Jun 2014

Fleshy Robot

16 Jun 2014

Orange you glad…

Orange themed video about peeling oranges.. I know really exciting, but it’s better than a poke in the eye. Yokohama // Orange from Giant Ant on Vimeo. Peeling Orange
15 Jun 2014

7 of the Creepiest Happy Meal Box Photos

I’m not sure who approved these (on either McDonald’s corporate side or the Ad Agency) – but either they are the real life personification of Hannibal Lecter or they smoke some really good shit.